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This is our site on SAM Summitt near the train -Site #3

Chris getting ready for a ride on the bike from our camp...

This is one of the planters I was building along with Bud,...

You have to keep the bricks straight and level and off set...

Bud shows me how to cut brick to use in the tight...

Toby has learned to climb the steps up to the our bed...

We built the wall of as part of the beautification of the...

Finnished product- Made me proud to lay the 80 or so bricks...

This planter took 180 bricks and two days to construct...that is an...

This planter took 180 bricks and lots of patientence to complete.

Looks good from the view the folks have on the approach to...

Fresh strawberries from the farmers market- Yum Yum

How did Darth Vader get in here....Brady is that you??? Come over...


Update: Thursday 10/7/2010

Location: SAM Excursion Train Veterans State Park, Cordele, Ga..

Weather: Warm..Highs near 80, Lows in the upper 40’s

Howdy Family and Friends:

Well…what a start to this adventure. As soon as we reported in at the park/depot on Tuesday they assigned us some work to do out where the SAM train is parked. To make a long story short we have put in about 34 hours (combined) building planters and planting Mums, Oleander trees and Crape Myrtle trees.

I had a fellow show me how to lay brick to build a couple of planters. So, out of all this hard work I have learned a new skill. Chris has indicated that I can now apply that skill when we get back home. Oh Boy!!

This type of work (building the planters) is not so hard if the dang gnats would leave you alone. Those little pesky critters are in abundance here in South Georgia this time of year. Not so many skeeters though…so, that is OK with us.

Our first ride on the SAM Excursion train will be this Saturday. The train will be pulling all the way into Plains, Georgia, and along the way we will have layovers in Leslie and Americus for shopping. We were here back in 2008 and we look forward to the run down these old familiar tracks.

Chris and I are looking forward to making new friends on the train as well as getting a couple of peanut butter (flavored) ice cream cones in Plains. I don’t think we will get a chance to see President Carter in Plains as we heard he was in the hospital last week.

The main thrust of our volunteer work will be the last two week ends in October when Thomas the Tank Engine will be here with all his friends. I think last year they had about 13,000 folks over two week ends (4 days) attend the festivities here. So, it is big deal for the kids.

Tomorrow, we plan on going into Cordele to do laundry (yes, we do have to wear clean underwear even when camping) and do some needed shopping. Also, I need to make a run to Perry, Ga. to buy a replacement part for the door latch on the Cougar.

As always, we will enjoy looking around the country side and scoping out the things to see and do. Blackshear Lake is just 200 yards from here so the lake will be busy as well this week end.

The Pecans are about ready to harvest here in South Georgia, so, we are interested in seeing how those little nuts are gathered and shipped to market. The last time we were here the watermelons and peanuts were coming in to harvest so this will be something different for us to witness and learn from.

I have heard the way they get the nuts to fall off the tree, is they attach a huge vibrator device to the trunk of the tree and turn it on and ‘bingo’ the nuts fall off. Now that some big vibrator!!! Well…we will soon find out if this is true!!! Maybe some of you guys from this part of the world will confirm our understandings of this process.

After the train run on Saturday we will be off for a few days so we will make a special trip down to South Florida (Port Charlotte) to see Chris’s sister Marie. Will be back to the SAM train the following Thursday 10/14 ready to do Thomas.

Anyways…hope to have more pictures and reports on the things happening here at the next update.

Everyone, please keep us in your prayers and thoughts. We have been on the road, on this trip, for seven days now. We miss our Friends, Family, Kids and Grandkids back home, and are looking forward to getting back so we can love on them.

In Dad’s memory the ADVENTURE continues……………..

Later alligators!

Archie, Chris and Toby (the traveling pup)

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