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Waiting for Daylight

Llano Grande is mainly empty

Jerry & Kit

Marilyn joins them at the table

The street in front of Kit & Jerry's place

We're all parked

Another Jerry & Kit photo

Jerry doing his magic with the Dutch oven

Jerry and the great grill.

He cooks too!

Kit fixed the cake

Jerry baked it in the Dutch Oven

This wild turkey seemed to want to join us

We may never leave here!

Jerry helping Ed get logged on

We were awake early this morning. We had plenty of time to have our morning coffee together. We sipped our hot coffee while staring with sleepy eyes at the fireplace.

Once the coffee was gone it was still not yet daylight, so we completed some indoor chores.

Once it was finally light enough for me to see what I was doing outdoors, I dumped the holding tanks, rinsed the black water tank and put the sewer hose away.

I hooked up the truck and we took care of all the remaining chores, allowing us enough time to exchange hugs with Dale & Linda, who walked over from next door. We appreciate Linda’s effort because we know she normally likes to sleep in. J

We drove out of the resort right at 8:00 AM and headed west on the interstate. Traffic was fairly heavy until we passed Mission, and then the traffic thinned out. Then it began to rain!

It rained on us for an hour and a half, which totally messed up the truck and the RV. The wash and wax jobs I just paid for looked really good until we ran into the rain. Money wasted!

The roads were good and we had no other problem than the intermittent rain.

The sun was shining by the time we reached Laredo.

We found a “Flying J” just north of Laredo, so we stopped to fill the truck with diesel at $2.119 and enjoyed a bite to eat while we were stopped. It took a long time to get a hamburger in the restaurant, so that stop put us a little behind the schedule I had figured out. No problem! We are retired!

We called Kit & Jerry once we were less than 10 miles away from them. That didn’t give them enough time to get away and we had no problem finding them.

Kit & Jerry were outdoors filming our arrival and waving at us.

We arrived at 3:15 PM and were all set up within an hour, in spite of using ten or so attempts to get backed in to their guest space.

We may have spent a little bit of time exchanging hugs with these good friends, too! J

What a wonderful RV site these good friend have created. Their motor home is completely sheltered and they have plenty of room to enjoy the outdoors, with the large, covered concrete area, which doubles as a patio, garage, grilling area, TV room, exercise area, dining room, etc, etc, etc.

I mentioned to Jerry that they would never have to leave here. He answered that they still like to travel so they don’t want to give that up.

Kit & Jerry served us a very nice meal, using the new grill and the dutch oven. The dutch oven was used to bake a pineapple cake which was served with vanilla ice cream. Yummy!!

Now I am so relaxed that I can hardly function. My brain just wants to go to sleep.

I do have some pictures to post for you, so we’ll get that done as soon as I finish writing.

We have plans for tomorrow but you will have to wait, to see what adventures tomorrow may have in store…..

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