Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

Clarence and Wanda

Tim and Alison with Dogs, Jackson and Robert

Lana and Robbie

Glenda with Cousin Clarence

Tim and Alison in the Pool


Tonight cousins Robbie and Lana came to visit. Robbie brought the mail she had been holding for me. Clarence brought home fried chicken and the usual side dishes. He must have thought he was feeding an army! We had enough left for a couple more meals.


Today was a lazy day. Clarence worked at his store but the rest of us slept late and just chilled out all day. Late in the afternoon Tim and Alison (Clarence and Wanda's son and daughter-in-law) went to the Bay Area to visit some friends.


Clarence had to work today because the man who was supposed to work refused to do so; he had other plans for the holiday week end. Some gall, eh? Wanda and I went to church and then went to get Clarence to have lunch with us. We ate at a Mexican restaurant nearby. Tonight I moved into a spare bedroom in their house for the rest of my visit.


Since Mother Gilbreath's cupboard was getting bare -- and so was mine -- Wanda and I went grocery shopping today. She needed to get a cake for Tim's birthday dinner tonight. I got him a funny card. We had dinner a bit late because Tim and Alison got back to town later than planned. We all were really hungry by then.


This morning I did two loads of laundry and got Daisy ready to head south. I also called the Lazy Daze factory to make an appointment to have some work done. Friday was the earliest I could get in but I was very happy with that. They were booked up until October but someone had cancelled their Friday appointment. Vince, the Repair Department Manager, told me I could come in on Thursday if I get to Montclair early enough. He said he would take a look at my RV to diagnose the issues and be ahead of the game a little for Friday. My guardian angels have been hard at work again!

After lunch I headed for I-5 and traveled about 215 miles to Coalinga to spend the night. I was pleased to see a highway sign for an ARCO station and RV park at the same exit. My pleasure was a bit diminished when I saw that the gasoline was $3.399. ARCO is cheaper than most stations because they accept only cash or debit cards as payment. I shudder to think what fuel costs at other stations around here!

My home for the night was Sommerville Almond Tree RV Park. Across the road was a huge orchard but I don't know what kind. Almonds, maybe?

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