Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Dune buggy heading across the sand dunes

Huacachina - a little oasis

Sand dunes

Desert sunset

Huacachina desert

Our hostal

Gotta love those sunset shots!

We were amazed at the natural beauty of Huacachina, which is literally a little desert oasis town where sand dunes dominate the background. Palm trees fringed the green lagoon that centred the town, which is meant to have healing properties. Peruvians were swimming in the lagoon but it didn't look the healthiest water to us so we opted just to walk around the perimeter.

The town actually looks slightly run down now, there once were changing rooms around the lagoon but they where now dilapidated. Many people have realised that this could be a gold mine from tourism again and building work is currently ongoing. Our hostel was under going renovation to the front but the rear was lovely with new rooms and a pool for us to cool down in.

A couple of hours beside the pool ensured that we were sufficiently sunburnt.

That night we had booked to go sand boarding down the vast sand dunes and jumped into the hostels giant sand buggy to take us there (easier than climbing up the dunes). The driver sped off over the dunes like a maniac; it was like being on a roller coaster at Hull fair! Up one 50 foot dune over the peak and back down again or just reaching half way up a massive dune and twirling round to go back down - Helen didn't open her eyes once!

Finally we were let out of the buggy to board down them before sunset. It is a warmer and safer alternative to snow boarding so didn't hurt too much when we fell, and we fell a lot!

We got sand in every nook and cranny. Jim wiped out completely and his whole face was covered in sand we could only see his eyes.

We had a well-deserved beer or two at the hostel bar afterwards before trying to wash all the sand off in the shower, which wasn't a complete success as we are still finding sand in our ears now.

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