We did a driving tour of Moab today..





We had great Chinese food here for lunch..

They have a lot of choices for food, even food trucks..:-)


I love the red mountains surrounding Moab...


We are already planning a river trip...

Last one...a cool mural in Moab..:-)

The last time we were in Moab was way back in the summer of 1982. We were surprised to see so much growth in the town, they have about everything anyone could ask for now. We drove through town looking for a place for lunch and had a hard time choosing, there are so many restaurants now. One of the restaurants is at the top of a high mountain, we will be checking it out later too.

The beautiful Colorado River runs right through town, they have a lot of river cruises and rafting available. We won’t be doing any rafting but we sure love the river cruises and are planning one soon. Moab is only a few miles from Arches National Park. We are planning our first trip into the park tomorrow.

In 1949, Western movie director John Ford was persuaded to use the area for the movie Wagon Master. Ford had been using the area in Monument Valley around Mexican Hat, Utah, south of Moab, since he filmed Stagecoach there 10 years earlier in 1939. A local Moab rancher (George White) found Ford and persuaded him to come take a look at Moab. There have been numerous movies filmed in the area since then, using Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park as backdrops. We will be finding them on Netflix and watching while we are here.

We had a great day doing a mini tour of the the town. I am adding a few pictures and hope you enjoy, check back later for more.

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