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Hand and Foot Game – Betty Bennett, Jeanette Lowell, Janis Shull, Georgia...

42 Game – Stuart Whiteside, Val White, Regina Gaskamp and Ed Lohn

Jim Syfrette, Betty Wendler and Marilyn Childers

Bert Cunningham, Regina Gaskamp and Val White

Ed Lohn, Regina Gaskamp and Glenda Alexander

Alumni, Helen and John Cuthbertson

“Minnie Pearl” (Janis Shull) and “boyfriend” Stuart Whiteside

Bob Williams Wearing Wooden Shoes

The tables in the clubroom were beautifully decorated by Georgia Lewis. Thursday night Bob Williams made chili for us and we brought the rest. Alice Bulechek brought a large bag of books for us to take. John and Helen Cuthbertson paid us a visit and had dinner with us. It was so nice to see them since they’ve “committed matrimony”. Again, Janis Shull impersonated Minnie Pearl and cast her eyes on Stuart Whiteside as a possible boyfriend. We had dinner Friday night at the Outback Steakhouse.

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