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My next new pair of shoes. Perfect!

I was home for most of the day, until early evening, when it was time to go back and see if the next pair of shoes was going to fit me.

Scott called in during the day, and I told him about our new shop discovery. He said that he will go there, and see if he can find some shoes for himself. But, I heard from him later, that the only ones he could get on, only just fit, and he needed a size bigger. And also no-one was there to speak English! A little difficult for him, but I said I would make enquiries later in the day, when I went back.

During the day Melrose had messaged me to say that there was a problem with her new shoes. Mine are okay, but there is a split where the sole meets the shoe. I mentioned this to the shop owner, and she said to tell Melrose to bring them back. It seems she is very happy to exchange them.

I tried the shoes that she had got in for me, and was very happy with the fit and the comfort. I will be able to wear socks with these. And they are just beautiful. Comfortable and stylish!!

I had taken Hugo with me, on his lead, and he was a bit of a nuisance in the shop, but no-one seemed to mind his presence.

While I was there, I tried on some pants, that appear to be made for ski-ing, and I think would be perfect for our trip to Harbin. I did find one pair that fit, but I am going to come back with my long underwear, to try them on over those.

The shop owner and I connected on wechat, so we could communicate easily. She does speak English, but is limited with her vocabulary. But she is in the shop every day, as I understand it, just not until after 6pm.

I asked about shoes for Scott, and yes, she does have one size larger in men's shoes, so I hope that will help him out.

After leaving there, I headed back home, to have dinner, and to continue on with my crochet for the new baby due soon. I still had a lot of food left, so I put it all into smallish plastic boxes, and stuck into the freezer. I will take these meals back to Scott's house, when I go, as Peter does not have a microwave to easily reheat!

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