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This morning I went to exercise class at the Methodist Church. Their nurse, who works out of the Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, checked me in. She took my blood pressure, listened to my heart and lungs and asked a few basic questions about my health. There was no charge.

The hour-long exercise instructions were via video again but, this time, the leader was a young man. We did stretching exercises first and then did some workouts with weights (or dumbbells, as he called them) and some balancing.

After class we had M&Ms (Marvelously Mature). We played Mexican Train with double-twelve dominoes for about half the game before eating lunch (potluck). After lunch we continued the game. I started off this morning being ahead but, after lunch, I didn’t do so well. I blamed my decline in performance on their food. :>) Their rules are different from the ones I’m used to at Cen-Tex rallies, so I had to be reminded a few times. It was fun. I really like these people.

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