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This morning the RV service technician discovered that my toilet problem was more than just a leak from the hand-wash wand. The toilet case was cracked behind the valve, which meant that a new toilet had to be installed. They ran into all kinds of trouble during the installation process. The toilet seal and piping to the holding tank had been glued instead of bolted. They couldn’t remove it, so they had to cut it off. This meant that new piping had to be installed. The piping was unusual in that it had 60-degree elbows. They made a couple of trips to a supplier in San Antonio before they found the correct ones.

All this activity took nearly three days – from 8:00 o’clock Tuesday morning until about 3:00 Thursday afternoon. My continued service plan paid only half the cost of the new toilet; they denied coverage for the other parts and labor. Camping World was somewhat merciful to me; they didn’t charge as much as I had feared they would and they paid for my two-night stay at the Wingate (by Wyndham) and my meals. Still, my bill came to $750.

This came at a particularly bad time for me because my annual insurance premiums are due in September for both my vehicles. In addition, I had already ordered a computer before all this happened. I certainly hope I won’t have any more major expenses for a while!

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