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Will this grow here?

red rock

under the arms

saguaro forest

forest close up

moon over saguaro




Saguaro sunset


Last time we were at Saguaro National Park, we signed up for a sunset hike with a ranger. In these days of budget woes ranger hikes are not conducted every day and are limited in size so we felt lucky to be able to take one today. We always learn so much about the flora and geology of the area. I was especially intrigued by the Resurrection fern. It looked like a bit of dead vegetation sprinkled on the ground. After a bit of rain it springs to life, scatters its spores, and looks fern-like. Traditionally a desert is defined as an area that gets less than ten inches of rain a year. The Saguaro NP area generally gets twelve. Those two inches make all the difference and that's why this desert is so green. Many other plants here are waiting to leaf and flower whenever the rain finally gets here.

The ranger explained that the mountain ranges that appear so disconnected from one another in the area really are a massive mountain complex that has been filled in over the eons with erosion debris. All we can see these days is the small remaining tops of these formations.

This hike was advertised as a great opportunity for sunset photos. You can be the judge.

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