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We arrived back at the park Thursday to find a cherry picker in the next lot trimming a palm tree. Our street and yard were full of palm tree trimmings. I was told they must be trimmed every year or the weight at the top will bend them over. Now they each have about four fronds at the top and are smooth once again. The neighbors said they had been at it from the day we left till our arrival back. It's a loud process so the nap king would have been very tired.

Friday was spend doing those meaningless chores that take up our time and energy. One of the items was trying to find our ring of store cards so we could get groceries. I must allot more and more time each day to the pursuit of finding things that are not where I always keep them. It's the live version the computer hidden object games.

Saturday we went to the zoo. As we rode on the train this is the phone conversation behind us. She was French and her mom was coming to America in March. She asked the person on the phone what she would be wearing on her date that night. They discussed shoes, skirt or jeans,and what she would smell like. In all my dating ,high school and middle age did I ever plan what to smell like. The goal was not to stink of sweat, animals,or cooking. Then she asked about a friend who had been in a long term relationship of two months. The young man had not even attempted to kiss her. She stated that it was a friendship not a relationship if he didn't want to kiss her. I told Dick he was probably a gay friend. Thankfully she departed the train before we heard every detail about her date which had involved a lot of physical contact.

At the zoo we rode the upper level of an open air bus. The driver, a young woman, sang a zoo song to the tune of Somewhere over the Rainbow, whenever we were in an area with no animals to view. The weather was perfect and after the 45 minute ride we ate lunch and decided that was enough for one day. Dick immediately went into hibernate while I watched Project Runway on the DVR.

Today is the Superbowl and we have the chicken wings, pizza rolls, and potato skins to prove it. May the best brother win.

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