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hello Costa Rica

our very nice room

even impressed by the loo roll

sunset from our balcony after some rain

yumm seafood curry

Liz' Dave, Fabian, Nick, Paudie, Eimear

Augusta , Claudia




my first Quetzel

another Quetzel



rain forest

Sue, Mike , Liz

me, Sue, Mike , Liz


tree stumps

native owls


looking up inside a ficus

the tree is not dead

new growth is on the outside

looking down there is a rope ladder to climb to this platform

me in the tree

and again

me Liz, Mike , Sue ready to zip

and again we were harnassed for the zip and the superman

Sue ready to go - raining

this bridge was more scarey than the zip line

I'm off

and happy aboit it!



a wooden jewelery box from one piece of wood

Back to the mainland and a nice ferry crossing. Then a short one hour trip to the border. Out of Nicaragua fairly quickly some duty free chopping and then a huge queue standing in the sun to enter Costa Rica. Prices already noticeably higher. Had a meal at the border cafe pretty ordinary but we all needed food after our 5.30am start to the day. Next stop Monteverde. And a lovely hotel. Much cooler here as up in the mountains and of course the way into or out of town is one big hill - makes me appreciate the flat streets of Adelaide! Walked into town for dinner and then of course walked back - needed an umbrella for this not heavy rain but persistent. The road into Monteverde is renowned for its potholes wouldn't like to be using my car the locals are divided as to whether they want the road fixed as it keeps a lot of traffic out of the area. A big day in store we went for a 3.5 hour all in the Curi-cancha wildlife reserve didn't see much wildlife never did get to see a sloth in the wild - but had a guide with a botanical background so learnt lots about the trees and plants also lots of birds and were thrilled to get to see a couple of Quetzels - they are apparently fairly rare. Also saw bell birds,hummingbirds - lots -a green snake hawk and a tarantula in its large nest. Focus trees here are giants of the forest and many are hollow. Raphael actually made it all very interesting. A short break and off to another walk this time on hanging bridges - from top to bottom of the forest and the light morning brain turned into quite heavy rain. Still with a poncho kept quite dry - next however came the 'Canopy Tour - zip lines over the forest and no ponchos allowed - I managed 9.of the 11 zips and one rappel before I was kept waiting on the line for over 5 minutes and had time to get nervous - could only see about a quarter of the line and I could feel it moving ended up chickening out - if I had been able to go straight away I would have been OK Liz was the only one after me she went on the final line two people got stuck so was glad that wasn't me. By this time I was wet through - even my bra - hot chocolate fixed that - was disappointed when we got the photos - they had left one of me out and of course it was the best one - Liz got the best deal as I took a video if her on the line. Have I mentioned the bites - by this stage of the trip my arms and legs were covered in bites - we think midges . I didn't count them but one of the girls had over 80 and they itch for days. Went into town for a pizza and to check out the tourist tat but it was all very expensive mostly more than we would pay for equivalent in Aust. So kept my purse firmly shut. Well not quite one pair of earrings made it into my bag.

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