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August 22 – Day 60 – Atholville to Petit Rocher

K’s 97

Time 4h 41m

Average speed: 20.55k/H

T to d 6586

This day was to start badly as the rain came just as we packed up. Then it got worst as Jane fell coming down the stairs of the truck and hurt her back. That is the 3rd fall on these dam stair which are very unsafe. She was recovered from the fall enough to ride in the truck to hospital to get checked over and then taxied to camp.

We rode out around 8:30 in the rain and were to ride in the rain all the way to camp. All three of the things rider hate we were to face today. Good hills, rain and wind in the face a lot of the time. This made a rather short ride into a long day.

Along the route we found Jesse, our young artist friend with a flat tire and no spare. While we had tubes the valve stems are different so he had no pump to air it up if he had another problem. We helped him patch the old tire and got on the road behind him. Luck to some extent was with us as while we were working on the tire a torrential downpour hit and we avoided it by staying under the underpass. A few k’s up the road and Jesse was pumping his tire again but thought he could keep pumping it for the rest of the ride. We elected to stay behind him so that if he had trouble we could help. And trouble arrived with a complete tire failure and so under another underpass we elected to put one of our tubes in the tire and then to stay behind him in case he needed us to pump up the tire as his pump would not work on our valve stem. The tube worked out and he made camp in good shape and continued to use the tube for the next day as well. Bob was to visit us at the Saint Louis de Kent camp and was going to bring both Jesse and ourselves some spare tubes.

This long rainy day ended at a nice camp which gave us our first look at the Atlantic Ocean, really a bay off the ocean but it was the Atlantic. The rain reduced to a sprinkle as we set up tents and after we were set up the sun came out and it was a beautiful evening on the Atlantic with the promise of a nice day tomorrow. As we are now approaching late August the nights are cooling considerable which makes sleeping more comfortable all wrapped up in the sleeping bag.

One other good note was that Jane made camp in a Taxi and was feeling a bit better with some good drugs to calm the bruised back. She was certainly very sore but in an optimistic mood.

While we only have one day left before rest day it was decided that laundry should get done and after the rain the bikes really needed some cleaning and the chains needed oiling. No rest for the wicked even after a long rainy day on the road!

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