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Now that we've both been retired for five years, we have finally learned to slow down - at least most of the time. When you are a worker bee, you always have one eye on the clock and the other eye on the calendar. When we used to travel, we always ran out of time and rushed, rushed, rushed when we got home to get ourselves ready to go back to work. Sunday nights were always downers - we were finally well rested, but there was still so much more that we had wanted to get done over the weekend. Anyone reading this who is employed, knows the feeling. Now that every day is the same, we plan to do one fun and/or exercise type thing every day. Sometimes the exercise is the fun. The rest of the day we read, work on the computer, plan the next travel move, fix something that's broken, cook a bit - whatever strikes our fancy. Our golden years are pretty golden.

But recently we have enjoyed a visit from newly retired friends. Their time here is limited and we plan interesting activities and special places to eat every day. Their clock is ticking and we've switched gears back to more hectic vacation times. But today even they needed a break. It was the sunniest, warmest day so far - rather amazing when we watched the weather forecast for the rest of the country and saw blizzard, snowzilla, and whiteout warnings. We headed to Siesta Key, a powdery white beach with free parking and had a relaxing afternoon watching the waves. The beach was huge and rather full for a week day. Geezers predominated, but we certainly were not the only age group there. There were some vigorous beach volley ball games going - no hit-the-ball-three-times-before-you-hit-it-over rule here. There were also a few nice kites, reminding us of the kite festival we saw at Padre Island last year. The sand near the water was hard packed. We'll have to come back here again with our bikes - at a more leisurely pace, of course.

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