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San Antonio, TX - Potters Creek COE - Site 72

San Antonio, TX - Potters Creek COE - Site 72, another view

San Antonio, TX - Potters Creek COE - Site 72, and another

View of Canyon Lake though the windshield of the coach

Deer around the camp site

Deer around the camp site 2

Deer around the camp site 3

Deer around the camp site 4 - late in the afternoon, time...

Doris' bird feeder is workng well

Riverwalk Cruise 1

Riverwalk Cruise 2 - Hotels are all along the water with restaurants...

Riverwalk Cruise 3

Riverwalk Cruise 4

Riverwalk Cruise 5 - notice the double row of folding chairs set...

Riverwalk Cruise 6

Riverwalk Cruise 7

Riverwalk Cruise 8

Riverwalk Cruise 9

The Alamo 1 - Front

The Alamo 2 - the side

The Alamo 3 - the back

The Alamo 4 - some cactii in a garden in the plaza...

Our trip from East Texas down to the San Antonio area was 254 miles of uneventful travel. We did manage to leave another $335 behind at a truck stop but that will last us until we get through San Antonio and the Big Bend area stops.

We are staying at Potters Creek Park which is a Corp of Engineer park on Canyon Lake about 45 minutes North of San Antonio. We love to camp at COE campgrounds since they are always located on a lake and offer some of the best camping experiences for the money available. We have 50 amps and water and the dump station that has access from both directions Verizon coverage is good as well. You may notice the satellite dish tripod back out since we are parked under the trees and the roof top dish was unable to get a stable signal due to the wind blowing the tree limbs around.

We were fortunate enough to have a herd of deer come through the camp site just before dusk the first night. They were friendly and not very scared of humans. They did a little grazing but mostly begging, indicative of being fed previously by campers, hence not much fear of us. They came back every day we were here, even more so during the week when most of the campground was empty.

We drove into San Antonio one day to do the tourist thing and saw the Alamo and Riverwalk. I was last here when I was about 10 years old and left my first camera, a Brownie Hawkeye, at the Alamo and never got it back. A lot has changed since that visit. The area around the Alamo Plaza is completely built up now with many attractions and stores taking advantage of the tourist traffic generated by the Alamo. Surprisingly there wasn't a tremendous amount of traffic downtown when we got there about 11:00 a.m. and the parking garage was easily accessed but not as easily exited - $14 for a little less than three hours at a completely unattended toll booth. It wouldn't take (or more likely I couldn't figure out how to use it) my credit card when leaving so I fed it a $20 bill. It gave me back six one-dollar coins!

The parking spot did allow us to see everything we wanted to in San Antonio though. In addition to the Alamo, it was a short walk to the Riverwalk where we took a boat tour around the developed portion of it. Interestingly, back before the Riverwalk was built the city planners had intended to completely cover the river and build over it but was stopped by a group of concerned citizens and convinced to use the river as an attraction to draw people to downtown San Antonio. It is now the centerpiece of San Antonio tourism with all of the major hotels having facilities on the river and a very active night life built around it. Our visit just happened to coincide with the 10 day San Antonio festival which is on its 175th iteration this year. They have three different parades during this festival. The day we went to the Riverwalk, they were having the river parade that night and had seating set up (at $35 per seat) all along the complete length of the Riverwalk. You can see this seating in most of my photos. We didn't attend the parade. The cost didn't scare us near as much as the crowds!! :)

After leaving downtown we were on I-35 heading back to the campground when a pickup two lanes over blew a front tire and all hell broke loose. We were in the right lane of three lanes doing 60-65 MPH and the pickup was in the far left lane. Thank goodness no one was in the middle lane at the time. The pickup left his lane and started across the other lanes with rubber flying everywhere. I was applying brakes, trying to get slowed down as he slid right in front of me and then turned and started back across the lanes again to the left as I continued to slow. Luckily, we managed to avoid him and just missed him as he came back in front of us. Libby handled well and stayed in a straight line as I was braking. The good Lord was looking after everyone as no one was hit in all the traffic. It was just like you see in the replays of the NASCAR wrecks where you are looking through the windshield of a trailing car and the wrecked car goes up the track and then comes back down in front of you.

Tomorrow we head for Fort Stockton, TX where we will stay one night before going on down to the Stillwell Store and RV Park just outside Big Bend National Park for three nights. We already know there will be NO Verizon coverage there but they are supposed to have WiFi - we will see.

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