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Surf and Surfers...See the Little Black Speck on Far Lt of White...

Surf and Surfers...Getting Ready to Ride It!

Surf and Surfers...See the Little Black Speck on Far Rt of White...

Surf and Surfers

Surf and Surfers...See the White Surf Line Off Board Bottom Ctr of...

Our Observation Patio

Where We Stayed...Casa Miramar

Another View of Surf Looking N.

Another View of Surf Looking Further N. This Time

Got up and left Casa Matasana(?) catching bus to Sonsonate where we continued on another to La Perla, then another finally to this fine beach. Since this is the beginning of Semana Santa (Easter week) and vacation for many Salvadorians we felt lucky to find room...albet pricey@$35! Nice, beezy, right on ocean w/ a pool, ha! Miramar Hotel or Casa Miramar, sat on terrace watching surfers, what most foreigners come to this area for (surfing, not watching). The surf is very good, consistant & black sand beaches! Very nice tho hot and humid (this is the hottest time of the year here @90-100F

We walked the mile long beach, lots of people appear to be Salvadorians, but not overly crowded. This is NOT the luxury, high rise hotel area...more backpacker types. I get in some body surfing to test my arm and all seems recovered! Feelin' goood, yeah!

Tomorrow to San Salvador then heading on to Nicaragua.

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