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Lac La Hache, BC - Kokanee Bay Motel and Trailer Court -...

View out our front window from camp site

Saddle Rock Tunnel

Sailor Bar Tunnel

Alexandra Tunnel

Ferrabee Tunnel

Hell's Gate Tunnel

Inside the China Bar Tunnel

One of the devices they use when they have to close the...

Railroad bridges across the Fraser Canyon

We are up in the mountains

Some of the scenary on the way north

More mountains

The river and the winding road

Coming through a heavy snow-notice the ice on the windshield where the...

Here you can see the large flakes hitting the windshield

Here we are in Lac La Hache, BC, about 200 miles south of Prince George. We are staying at the Kokanee Motel and Trailer Court which has a very nice campground. The sites are a little small but the view is worth it and they provide WiFi.

The trip took about five hours as we rarely exceeded 55 mph due to the winding road and up and down mountains. It was a beautiful drive through the mountains, along side the Fraser River for a good bit of the trip. We went through several tunnels and I have included pics of a few. Once we left the mountains the terrain changed to a much drier climate and plateaus with cattle ranches as we kept climbing in elevation, eventually reaching over 4,000 feet after starting near sea level this morning. Just as we were approaching 3,600 feet, one of the windshield wipers lost a nut off one of the arms and we had to pull off and put another nut on it. We had been in rain off and on all day but just as we were fixing the wiper arm, IT STARTED SNOWING! We started back up, continued on and the snow increased. We were only in it a few minutes and it never accumulated on the highway but was still an experience to remember.

Our plans have changed a little as we will only be spending one night here before going to Quesnel, BC tomorrow to spend two nights there. We want to see an old gold mining town called Barkerville which is a big deal around here. It is about an hour drive from Quesnel, so we will unhook Libby and use her to drive to Barkerville, either tomorrow or Thursday, depending on how early we get camp set up.

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