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This is where the tour starts

Some of the many huge vats

Here's more

The Sample Room- You can sample up to three glasses but they...

Fifth Generation Grandson of Aldolph Coors

Downtown Golden

Great Sculptures

This miner knows what to carry

Lots of Condos in the downtown area

Having fun in Clear Creek

The Story of my favorite sculpture of all time

Isn't she beautiful?

Oh no. Don't go in. It's freezing

Buffalo Bill Cody and his daughter

Ummm I can still smell these lilacs

Another beautiful view of the creek and it's park setting

Here's the Man Himself-- Aldolph Coors


I Loved this old building

The walls are up to six feet thick- so we were told

Aha.. We knew we would find it.

Driving up Lookout Mountain

What a beautiful view

You can still see the Coors Plant from way up here



Grave site

Close up

View from the grave site. Shame on you Denver

We thought that today would be a quick visit to Golden, CO to take the tour thru the Coors Brewery or should I say Miller-Coors since they merged last year. We didn’t see any evidence of Miller today but we sure did see a lot of Coors; way more than we even knew that Coors made.. We drove to the designated parking place for the tours and soon a van picked us up and gave us a short tour of the downtown area and a history of Adolph Coors who came to this country from Germany at age 14 and worked his way across the East until he came to Colorado. He went to work for a cannery but always wanted a brewery. He finally joined partners with another fellow and started their brewery. Adolph knew that the water was the most important ingredient in good beer and found it at Clear Creek. By the time we went inside the building we had good knowledge of both the area and Adolph Coors. Even before Coors, the town was a major area for gold mines. To this day they still have a mining school.

The tour was fascinating. Years ago I had taken a tour through the Anhauser Busch Brewery in the Los Angeles area but I forgot everything I ever knew. The huge copper vats were beautiful. They just gleamed, and there were tons of them. I think they told us that one vat would produce one six pack of beer to last 90 years if you owned it. They also told us that beer does not age like wine so keep it cold and use it up by the date on the can or bottle.. I have already forgotten most of the other static’s but one thing I will not forget is the employee’s that I talked to that were so happy in their job. One gal told us that she worked a banquet last week where they honored 250 employees that had 25 yrs on the job. Pete Coors, a fifth generation Coors is the only one still working in the beer portion of the estate and he had his picture taken one by one with each one of them….. She said that his smile was the same on each and every one of them. They also have a beautiful state of the art work out facility that is free to all employees. As far as they know, it is the only one that serves Coors Lite when you finish your workout.

After returning to our parking lot, we left the truck and did a walking tour of the downtown… First on our agenda was lunch… We found an upscale outdoor restaurant where we had a nice lunch but to be honest with you, the rock music that was turned up pretty loud on XM radio got on my nerves after awhile.

Our walking tour was wonderful. I’ll let the pictures show you all about it. It was a fascinating town with some of the best sculptures we have seen and Clear Creek History Park was fabulist.

We decided as long as we were so close we would go to the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave just up the hill about 10 minutes. Ya sure….. 10 minutes my eye. We went up the road called Lookout Mountain Road and found ourselves winding, winding and winding. We had switchbacks that rivaled our switchbacks in Switzerland. The speed limit for the most part was 15 miles per hour and that was even too fast for me. Just when I thought I couldn’t go much further we saw cars pulled off to the side and the riders were jumping off the side of the mountain in hang gliders. I thought I would just die watching them… Are they crazy or just plain nuts?

We finally made it to the top only because I was too scared to go back down the way we came and found ourselves in the parking lot of this much revered pioneer Buffalo Bill Cody. Buffalo Bill is buried at the top of this mountain and there is much controversy as to why. He had never lived in Colorado and Cody Wyoming thought he should be buried where he lived for so long. Never the less, he is buried here and was overheard to say that it was so beautiful and you could see all of Colorado below. I think he would turn over in his grave if he saw it now. Again, I have pictures to back this up.

Our return trip was much easier when we found I-70… It was still a good size downhill slope but one that we could do at least 55mph and we arrived back at our park around 5:00 PM… So much for a quick trip to Golden but another fun day in the Denver area……….

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