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Here we are at Grand Canyon! It snows in winter time here!

Notice the layers accentuated by the newly fallen snow! Beautiful!!

Kids working with Park Rangers on their Jr. Ranger Badge. Geology was...

John taking in the sights. We were happy for the nice hand...

Thomas working on keeping warm and enjoying the views at the same...

Amazing vista from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Thought the tree framed this view very nicely. Beautiful day!

As we drove north to Grand Canyon (minus the travel trailer, which we left in Phoenix) it started to snow! Oh Boy, what a treat to see snow... It was very beautiful, though. When we got to the Canyon, we drove to the overlook, but could not see the canyon - it was clouded over. We could see just over the edge, though, and that was enough to realize that it was very deep!

The next day it snowed the whole day - we didn't even try to go see the canyon. We worked on Jr. Ranger program, saw a neat IMAX film on Grand Canyon, and went to the indoor pool at the Holiday Inn. It was kind of nice just to kick back a bit.

On Tuesday, our last day here, it looked a little more clear, so we drove to the canyon and were able to see amazing things! The sky had mostly cleared and there was about 10 or so inches of snow at the rim of the canyon. The snow in the canyon was so dramatic - you could really see the layers of rock because of the snow piled on them. (see photos) The kids finished their ranger program, we had a quick lunch, took a few more pictures and then headed downhill back to Phoenix and warmer temps.

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