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You can actually stay in these tepees at the KOA

Our neighbor at the KOA

Restored Hotel in downtown Flagstaff

Scenic drive through Oak Creek Canyon

more Oak Creek Canyon

On the way to Sedona, AZ

in Sedona

Street scene in Sedona

more Sedona

Lava flow at Sunset Crater

more Sunset Crater

more Sunset Crater

We spent the last week at the Flagstaff KOA, another really nice campground. Because of its location, just about 80 miles from the Grand Canyon, it is the busiest campground we have been to on this trip. It seemed like almost all the campers were either on their way to the Grand Canyon or on their way back from there. The campground is conveniently located right near I-40 and less than ½ mile from the Flagstaff Mall. One of the best things about Flagstaff is that the weather has been more comfortable than most of the places we have been to lately. Flagstaff is located about 170 miles north of Phoenix so while the temperatures in Phoenix were in the 100’s, the higher elevation in Flagstaff made the temperatures about 20 degrees cooler most of the time. I like that. Flagstaff has another portion of Historic Route 66 so of course we had to check that out. The city has done a great job of maintaining the Historic downtown area, lots of shops, restaurants and restored hotels. We do a lot of exploring when we visit a new area so we did the same in Flagstaff. We found a really neat store, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange; I believe there are a few of these stores in Arizona. It is an upscale pawn shop complete with a “Barnes and Noble type” coffee shop. They sell used DVD’s, CD’s and my favorite, books, books, books along with other entertainment type items, like puzzles and games. As the name implies you can bring your old stuff in and exchange it for different things or just get cash.

One day we took a scenic drive through the Oak Creek Canyon to the village of Sedona about 30 miles south of Flagstaff. Wow, what a beautiful drive something that shouldn’t be missed if you are in the area. Sedona is a tourist area full of shops and restaurants in a beautiful setting of red rock formations.

Another day we drove north of Flagstaff to the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument a National Park. The landscape of the park looks like a different planet, the lava formations left by the Volcano that erupted over a thousand years ago are amazing.

On our last day in the Flagstaff area we decided to check out the various ways to get the motor home to the Grand Canyon and after a really long drive through “no-man’s” land we ended up in Williams, AZ about 60 miles south of the Grand Canyon, to say we took the “long” way would be an understatement. William’s also has another small portion of Historic Route 66, not nearly as large or impressive as Flagstaff but still lots of shops and restaurants. There was a very nice quilt shop there, I managed to get out of there without another project but it was fun looking. We had lunch in a really interesting Route 66 Cruising Diner with oldies on the jukebox and posters of stars from the past, lots of nostalgia and a pretty good meal too. Now that we know how not to get to the Grand Canyon we should have an easy trip. Oh I almost forgot to mention the Monsoon, on our way back from Williams to Flagstaff we drove though what the weatherman has been talking about for the last month, a really, really heavy rain. Without the ability to see the road or the car in front of us for about 10 miles Bob still managed to get us back alive.

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