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View From Our Cabin of Nanga Parbat









Michael & Suzanne at Trailhead...Heading up to F.M.

Up about 7 tho been up several times to pee, a skiff of snow on the ground. Packed and went to mess blg for tea...later porridge & tea & chapati. Took parting pics, said goodbyes and off by 10:15 down the trail. At the trailhead about noon thirty(met Sue & Michael on their way up) we piled into the jeep to Raikot bridge arr by 2...said bye to Alam, Maqsood is continuing on w/ us. Along the way we saw/stopped to confirm w/ Andy & Tracy our mtg at Karakorum Inn in Chilas and arrangement for jeep.

This route goes thru some of the most spectacular mountain country, steep and snow covered peaks all around. I will not even attempt to describe it the photos will have to do even tho they don't really do it justice. Arr at 3:30, exchg $$ at Shangrila Hotel for a very poor 70 r. / dollar so we could pay for ON etc.(gotcha!). Andy & Tracy arr about 5:30 and we had dinner tog. Here is where Bon & I split from Mari - she is on her own for ON due to bathroom situation(she doesn't get the concept of sharing and tends to always blame Bon for any/all conflicts in the space/time arena) it's done and we can continue w/o hassle.

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