ASIS Travel Adventures 2007-08 travel blog

We notice a lion on the banks of the river but so...

Beautiful Kudu along the river bank also. Look out for the lions!

Numerous birds on our river cruise

No shortage of crocs either

This hippo seems bored with the tourists

An unidentified bird on an island in the river

Not so sure he should be sitting like this. I wouldn't be...

It was none to soon to get out of that musty room. I had a bit of a birdbath since our room only had a bathtub. In places like this I do NOT want to sit in the tub.

Following breakfast we headed east to the Ngome Bridge where we checked out of Namibia once again and back into Botswana. It was only another 60km to our accommodation in Chobe National Park. On our way the rain kept pouring down. The windshield wipers had trouble keeping up. We did see a small herd of elephants crossing the road in front of us so the truck slowed down. Suddenly the big bull elephant appeared from the bush on the side of the road. We stopped to allow him to cross with the others. Once he crossed he turned back to look at us, shook his huge head and trumpeted loudly before joining the rest in the bush. He did not seem to like the truck.

A stop in Kasane, the gateway town to Chobe, allowed us to get something from a pharmacist for one of the German tourists on our trip. She seemed to have developed some nasty red, large blisters on her side. A red rash surrounded the blisters too! YUK! They looked real sore. No one knew what it could be. The pharmacist from Great Britain told her a blister beetle had bitten her! She did recall feeling something in her shirt yesterday. The pharmacist also told her it is the worst rain they have had in Chobe in the 13 years she has lived here and because of the rain there are many sand flies and blister beetles giving tourists grief. All of us wanted to know what a blister beetle looked like so we could avoid the darn things. Our guide managed to identify the dreaded beetle. They are very blue in color.

Toro Lodge was the scheduled accommodation for tonight but as we drove in it looked flooded. Arrangements had been made to shuffle us off to another drier accommodation called Bonaziza Lodge. It was situated on a bit of a hill so it was drier.

A few hours to relax and eat lunch before our Chobe River cruise even though the rain was an issue. The river cruise was three hours long. The rain had quit but was threatening. Hippos, crocodiles, kudus, other antelope, birds and eight lions were spotted. A bit of rain came down during the cruise but did not interfere or make us uncomfortable. Very enjoyable cruise!

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