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The Shipwreck Sapona, just before South Bimini

Sharing the beach with the birds

With winds like this nobody is going anywhere here in Bimini

A FNP rally - things are really heating up as the election...

Ferries delivered supporters to the rally all day, there was a parade,...

Someone came in this little helicopter

Everyone brought out every line they had to prepare for the cold...



Feeding the Sargeant Majors burned cookies

The sign above the bar at Big John's Hotel in Bimini



Once again we are finishing our Bahamas adventure in Bimini, where we started back on Dec 24th, almost 4 months ago. The Captain and I both love Bimini and it's wonderful coming back here. We've been here 6 days already and can hardly believe it.

The holding is poor here in the anchorage and we've had windy weather so we're relaxing at Weech's dock along with some very friendly neighbours. An English fellow we met here and who had just arrived after sailing from St. Augustine made us chuckle when he commented that Bimini wasn't exactly the Bahamas that you see in the brochures.

No, Bimini is not a brochure type of destination but we love it. We've seen everything in the brochures plus some and are as happy to be in Bimini as anywhere. It has a character all it's own, nothing flashy just good old Bahamian charm.

Weather Gods permitting we'll cross over to Key Largo soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. We are looking forward to the trip home to see everyone but it's difficult to leave this gorgeous land. See y'all Stateside!

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