Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Busy rialto bridge

view from the bridge


gondola ride


part of the rialto bridge

another view from the bridge

boat in the canal

the grande canal

venetian glass store

bridges like this everywhere

ferrarri store

San Marco

the horses on San Marco

bell tower

cool building

more buildings in San Marco square



Venice with the sun going down

lamp posts

pretty shot


more masks

smaller canal

San Marco in the distance

Louis Vutton store

chanel store

astrological clock

San Marco at night

rialto bridge at night

A long morning on trains. I had to catch a train to La Spezia from Riomaggiore and then transfer to a train going to Bologna. Once at Bologna I had to wait an hour and a half for the train to Venice. Finally pulled in to Venice. Got off the train and found the water bus stop I needed. Got myself a 3 day travel ticket and hopped on the water bus with about a million other tourists. It was so cool to be in Venice going down the Grande Canal!

Hopped off at the Rialto bridge stopped and followed the directions to my hostel. Found it no problem. Dropped my stuff off and headed out to check out the city. There is no point in taking a map in this city so I just wandered. I found my way to San Marco. Got there just before it was closing. Went inside and looked around. Beautiful church.

Walked around San Marco square and watched all the pigeons going crazy. Looked around at all the glass shops. Window shopping, all I could do. There were so many pretty masks to look at. Caught a water bus out to another island and walked around and stopped for a coffee before heading back to the hostel. I met the other girls in my room.

One girl from Mexico and the other from Australia. Aussie girl and I headed out to an irish pub for a few drinks. Had fun with her before heading back to the hostel.

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