Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

View of San Dimas from East Shore RV Park

Homes Above Puddingstone Lake

Moon over San Dimas

Phew!! This was a tiring day. I drove straight from Coalinga to the Los Angeles area (214 miles) with only quick stops at rest areas and to feed Daisy (only $2.86 per gallon this time). It was such a boring drive, my biggest challenge was keeping my eyeballs from glazing over. One advantage of such a boring trip, though, is that I wasn't tempted to stop every few miles to take photographs. :>)

The valley is mostly very flat with occasional large hills. The hills were covered with dry grass, which made them resemble giant sand dunes. If it weren't for irrigation, that area would be just a barren desert. Of course, the fire danger was very high. In the mountains west of I-5 in the Pyramid Lake Recreation Area north of Santa Clarita I saw heavy smoke in the forest. The smell was very strong. When I arrived in San Dimas, I mentioned it to the ladies behind the desk. They said that about 10,000 people had been evacuated from an RV park where the fire had started. That's scary!!

East Shore RV Park is on a bluff overlooking Puddingstone Lake in San Dimas. It is part of a regional county park. There are beautiful views all around it. I suffered from "sticker shock" due to the cost of $71.93 for two nights. I distinctly heard my budget cry out in pain. There aren't very many choices around here, though, and it's still much cheaper than a motel room. I wanted to be as close to the Lazy Daze factory as possible because of the traffic, and this park is the closest.

I walked around the park late in the afternoon and took a few photos. Just after moonrise I took some shots of the gorgeous full moon. I was really glad for the greater zoom power that this camera has over my old digital camera because my shots show the moon's geographical features rather well.

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