Dot's Big OE 2004 travel blog

Emily with the day Tripper vehicle which took us on our tour...

Dot outside the former John Lennon home "Mendips" in Liverpool

Dot outside the former Paul McCartney home at 20 Forthlin Road Liverpool

The famous Yellow Submarine

The Yellow Duckmarine

Liverpool Station and Emily waiting for me on our train bound for...

Yesterday I became a Day Tripper and went on a Magical Mystery Tour to Liverpool, Beatles territory along with Emily from Perth, Kirsty's niece. I didn't Drive My Car, we decided to take the train which was Something different! We bought a Ticket to Ride on the 6.45 am train from Millom to Liverpool and I said to Emily "it won't be long before we hit those Strawberry Fields".

Imagine visiting John Lennon's house, "Mendips" where he grew up as a child until after him and Cynthia had Julian. He must have had a few Hard Days Nights writing all those songs but he probably said "All You Need Is Love and With a Little Help From My Friends", Paul in particular, they managed to become the most successful band in history.

We followed that visit with a call to Paul's house at 20 Forthlin Road, a residential area containing mostly council flats, not as luxurious as John's but where they wrote quite a few songs. Any Time At All was taken up with a recorded commentary from Paul and his younger brother Michael giving us details of the house and pictures on the wall etc.

Following the house visits we went back to the City, past Penny Lane, and down to the waterfront to see the Yellow Submarine which has been constructed there, just over the road from Albert Docks.

I wanted to go on the Yellow Duckmarine Tour and I asked Emily if she wanted to go. I Should Have Known Better, she said "I'm going Nowhere Man except to the shops". I said "How Do You Do It - come to Liverpool and then go shopping?" But she said "I Feel Fine, Let It Be".

So I jumped on the duck to do the one hour tour via land and water. By the way the DUKW was first constructed in 1943 for use in the War as a means to move men and material ashore where no port facilities existed.

We passed by more of the sights of Liverpool, getting back just in time to meet Emily at Liverpool Lime Street Station. When I went in I Saw Her Standing There and since our train was about to depart I felt Glad All Over. We reached Millom at 7.30 pm, a very long day.

Do You Want To Know A Secret? When I'm 64 I won't be a Working Class Hero any more and I'll be able to Twist and Shout and Act Naturally, Eight Days A Week!!

OOOOOOHHHHH, I'm So Tired. HELP!!!!!

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