The Last Trip with the HitchHiker travel blog

Our spot at Columbia Sun

Overlooking the Tri Cities

Sharon, Sally, Mike, Stacy, Dick

Loved the preferred parking sign

Coulmbia River in the background

Museum exhibits




Reach Museum

Frost Me Sweet bistro

And bakery

The Magic Mike sandwich

Happy hour in our RV

Sacajawea State Park

And museum

Columbia River

Snake River



It was an easy drive to Kennewick and the Columbia Sun RV Resort to meet Stacy and Sharon Wise and Sally and Mike Theroux. Our spot was right across the road from Stacy and Sharon. Happy hours, visits, talking, talking, talking. Sally is very unhappy that we are selling the RV. And I must admit we were a bit nostalgic at times.

Since this area is home to Stacy and Sharon they were our tour guides. We went to a lookout to see all three of the Tri Cities-Kennebeck, Pasco and Richland. We visited the excellent Reach Museum in Richland. From the Ice Age floods to the Atomic Age, there is so much cultural and historical importance and impact that shaped the past, establishes the present, and will guide the future here in the Mid Columbia Basin region. There are also exhibits on the Manhattan Project. It was determined by the government in 1942 that a new site away from Oak Ridge TN was necessary to continue the development of the atomic bomb. So in December 1942 a team was dispatched to Hanford Site near Richland. The site was determined to be “ideal in virtually all respects”. It was isolated and near the Columbia River which could supply sufficient water to cool the reactors that would produce the plutonium. We also toured Sacajawea State Park at the junction of the Columbia and Snake Rivers. There is a museum there dedicated to Lewis & Clark and their time in this area.

We ate lunch at Frost Me Sweet Bistro and dinner at Barley Brew Hub, other triple D places.

The RV must know something is up. We needed to call a repairman for the big foot one morning. He suggested stopping at a truck wash to pressure wash it. And we started to investigate how and where to get rid of the trailer. One RV consignment shop didn’t want it because it was too old. That was depressing. A place in OR seemed interested though but it was on a consignment basis and not a sure thing. Other suggestions included eBay, Craig’s list, RV forum. Another alternative was to call Mike Mitchell, the owner of Kansas RV Center in Chanute KS. The Center used to be where HitchHikers were manufactured. Our unit was born there in 2008. Mike now sells used HitchHikers and other 5th wheels there. He was interested in ours and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. So our final destination was decided—Kansas.

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