Trip with friends to Costa Reca travel blog

Cruise on the Tarcoles River

A couple of pretty birds viewed




Open air lunch after cruise

Viewed from bus on way to Manuel Antonio NP



Didn't view a crocs in this river

Hoter San Rada located the closest to Manuel Antonio NP

View from balcony of the Pacific Ocean

Tom and Karlene at the beach in the park



The circle trail we had attempted



Had to rest after humid, strenuous hike

Termite nests

Skyline of San Jose


Costa Rican artist, Jimemez Deredia

His spherical-circular vision of human beings being displayed for 6 months in...







National Cathedral




National Theater/Opera House





Precolumbian gold museum

Precolumbian gold artifact





Farewell dinner entertainment by very agile dancers

Our last beautiful sunset over San Jose

Sorry for the delay. Too many late nights and when we returned home Hugh came down with a wicked cold. All is well now and hope this blog will encourage you to go south some time soon.

Our Caravan Tour to Costa Rica.

Day 7: Cruise the Tarcoles River

Day 8: Visit Mamuel Antonio National Park

Day 9: Walk the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica

Day 7: We had an early start to head south to Mamuel Antonio NP on the Pacific Coast about the middle of the coastline. First we cruised on the Tarcoles River which was full of crocodiles and the banks were lined with birds. The crocs were camera shy and we could see only their eyes bob above the water as we floated down river. Saw many birds on the banks and in the trees. It was a warm, inviting day even though our guide knew the names of most of the birds we lost them. The two we remember are the Osprey and Pelican. We continued on down the coast through the Costa Rican cattle ranches stopping for the night at Hotel San Bada at Mamuel Antonio NP.

Day 8: We had an even earlier start this day. We had to be at the gates of the park at 6:55. We made it even before that and found at least a hundred people ahead of us. It was a beautiful park with a ½ mile cement walkway to the beach. It was what you would expect a tropical beach to be with its white, sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and gentle waves. We should have stopped there for the day but we took the hike up over and around a bluff. All was good until we had almost completed the mile loop when we were informed that the trail ahead was closed due to crocodiles on the trail. By this time it was hot, muggy, and we were tired. The good part was we were able to experience the jungle and visit with a troop of Capuchin Monkeys who decided to walk with us down the trail. A little one was adorable as it rode on its mother’s back. We would have loved to spend the afternoon on the beach, but had to be back to the hotel by 11 to shower and have lunch before boarding the bus to San Jose. Our tour ended at the Real Intercontinental Hotel with a farewell dinner.

Day 9: We had planned to spend an extra day San Jose. We tried to stay at the same hotel but it was full, so we moved closer to the center of the city. After getting settled, we all walked downtown 40 blocks. Walking gave us time to see so much. It is a clean city with little or no graffiti, many little shops, nice coffee shops, and more buses than cars. The highlights were the National Cathedral and the National Theater. The construction of the Cathedral was started in 1825 and because of earthquakes has been remodeled several times. The theater’s first performance was Johann Wolfgang Won Goethe’s Faust in 1897. It is a beautiful opera house with three balconies and most interesting of all is that the main floor can be raised up to be level with the stage giving a much larger floor area for dances and meetings. It is done down under with a huge screw powered by men. It takes 190 rotations to get it level.

The effort and time Karlene and Tom spent to extend our stay was well worthwhile.

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