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We arrived at the Airport after our van transport picked up 7 other people from all over the Villagers. Van time 2hrs 20 minutes. The Orlando Airport is filled with sun fried passengers and a good mix of princesses and wizards with an excessive amount of light sabers. Everyone seems to be wearing that last outfit which is still clean but a mis-match. They have been to the happiest place on earth....Disney......and the children are just starting to realize, it’s over! And they must take that L.....O.....N.....G plane ride home.

Our flight to Frankfort, Germany was filled by the most turbulence we have ever encountered. One session was well over an hour. We were shaken but not stirred. The woman next to me had intensified the arm rest battle to the point that if I’d had a white hanky I would of throw it up in surrender. Her elbow was a jack hammer in my side during all the turbulence. So after 8 1/2 hours of seat cage fighting we landed.

Security......we emptied our carry ons into bins, even my electric tooth brush was in a bin with the iPad, phone and curling iron. As all this was waiting to be rolled through X-ray, I stood in the facial recognition stance and was sent to level 2 to have hip replacement scar felt and my knees squeezed. D sailed on through without so much as a pinch.

Our connecting flight wasn’t until 4pm in terminal A, Gate 20, according to my pedometer 1.34 miles and 2 train rides but we had one last check point to enter terminal A ( this is for you Mary) where they stamped our passport. D has held up well by using his new inhaler but we aren’t in Barcelona yet. This is why we love to travel long walks, crying babies, and coffee that can melt plastic.

But we did get to Barcelona, found a cab, got to the hotel where things were not going well for the check in clerk. We were patient and encouraging about his bad day. Later he sent someone to our room with some premium Carmel corn and a quart of sparking water. Had a small dinner of goat cheese grilled sandwiches. Awake for 33 hours D was asleep before I could turn the light off. Time for me say good night too. Good Night.

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