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My last day in Paris and I’ve enjoyed this city sooooo much. I would love to return one day.

The Parisians remain a strange but interesting lot, I love sitting in my neighbourhood at the end of the day at a little bistro enjoying a beer and just watching them. I don’t even try to get waiter service anymore, I’m such a local, I yell out Bonjour and go straight up to the counter to order.

My French has improved hugely, I now recognise all the words I learned before I arrived and love to hear the language spoken.

Another beautiful day in Paris, I do hope this weather continues.

Today I started with a trip to the Eiffel Tower, unfortunately maintenance work is being carried out around the tower so a bit of a mess. I continued up to The Trocadero, enjoyed my morning coffee which I actually managed to order correctly and it arrived just as I like it, not a bowl of hot sweet frothy milky stuff, or a tiny too strong espresso, I could live here now I know my way around so well and even order a decent coffe, lol.

I did say no churches or museums in Paris this time as I’ve been there done that, but had to make exceptions.

Today I visited the Sainte-Chapelle as people had told me that it was well worthwhile and it surely was incredibly beautiful. I reckon this cathedral would give the Notre Dame a run for her money. As you walk inside, there is just a blaze of light as it has stained glass windows right around and separated by massive columns with a vaulted roof and ceiling studded with stars. It is purported to house The Crown of a Thorns!

During my few Cathedral visits in Paris, as I inspected the opulence, statues, gold etc I couldn’t help as I usually do, reflecting on my many visits to Mosques which for a very good reason contain no ornamentation at all. But I don’t think my lighthearted, super casual trip journal is the place to air my not always common ideas in regard to this subject so think I should leave it there.

I spent the rest of the day walking (20 kms today, Lorna I hope your trainer is doing double shifts with you in preparation for our Camino Pilgrimage ha ha je plaisante) around my favourite areas, the Ile de la Cite, Opera Quarter and Latin Quater.

Tonight our Intrepid group are going for a picnic dinner in the Montmartre area overlooking the city, And tomorrow morning we head off by train to Tours. It is interesting to hear that Intrepid will not be doing this trip again after the season, as not enough interest, hence only 6 of us. The guide says it is because the trip does not go to the most popular big cities and because it is an active trip, all the reasons I chose it!

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