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Long's Bakery Southport

Long's Bakery - Southport

Long's Bakery - Southport

Long's Bakery - Southport

Southport Antique Mall

Southport Antique Mall



San Diego glasses

Culver Glasses

Big Flashlight

Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments

Junk Gypsy

Collier Books

Southern Belles

More Shiny Brites

Boo Hoo Closed on Mondays


Muldoon's in Carmel

Big Pork Tenderloin

Moscow Mule

Day 7 – Southport and Carmel, IN

We love to shop at the Southport Antique Mall. First, we stopped at Long’s Bakery for their glazed doughnuts and fried cinnamon rolls and cherry streudel and a filled long john and . . . Then, after getting our sugar up to astronomical levels, we went down the street to one of our favorite antique/collectible shopping in Indiana – the Southport Antique Mall. We gave the Southport economy a big boost. We tried to stop at Karen Mercer’s interiors per a suggestion of one of our Indianapolis Etsy buddies, but they were closed. Best buy was two set of Culver Christmas tartan plaid glasses still in the original box (22K gold trim) and 3 boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments. Other purchases included a spaghetti Santa figurine, spaghetti angel figurine, a chrome Sportsman ray-o-vac flashlight (it takes 6 – D cell batteries), San Diego 200 year anniversary glasses, Southern Belle glassware, scout patches, deck of Vintage Old Maid cards, fold up ruler, wooden match stick holder, 10 volume set Collier Junior classics, and more. Great shopping and nice people at this mall.

Tonight, we celebrated Kim’s birthday (it was in May – don’t ask her age!) and her sister Jackie’s retirement. We went to Muldoon’s in Carmel for pork tenderloin and banana crème pie. Kim has always wanted to try a Moscow mule, so that was her beverage and she loved it. We split the large pork tenderloin and followed it up with homemade banana crème pie. They had bar bingo and Jackie won some Tito’s sunglasses. Gene and Kim won a trivia contest and received bottle openers on a long string of beads. WAHOO!

Tomorrow morning, we hit the road again and head back home. Our next adventure will be the Nebraska Junk Jaunt at the end of September.

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