2018 Canada Trip travel blog

Tour guide Eric & Jean outside museum

Foundry from fishing era p, c 1890s

Victorian style house

French style government buildings

Phoibition warehouse 1929

Today we had breakfast at 8:30 & returned to the room because the stores don't open until 10. We then hit the Post Office to mail a post card, and walked to the end of the town to the supermarket. I got a 150 cl (centiliter) bottle of water (the smallest they sell) and a small collapsable umbrella. We then walked back to the hotel room.

About 12:00 Chloe came to clean our room, so we left (which was about the time we were going to leave) to go over to the Arche Museum & Archives to pay for our Architecture and Culture walking tour today at 2:00, and tomorrow's tour, Island of the Sailors walking tour. The price of the tours include access to the museum, so we parked our coats and toured the museum looking at the early history of the Indian cultures, then the more modern history of the island about the Basaques, their fishing era, and the prohibition era (SPM was from where the majority of the liquor to the US on the eastern seaboard was brought in).

Then we walked the architecture exhibit before going down to the next level where we participated in the photography contest. There were 20 photos taken by locals hanging up, and you voted for one before placing your ballot in the box. The next level was just the bathrooms and the exhibit of the guillotine, and the actual guillotine used until 1972.

By then it was time for our tour. We were met by Eric, and we were the only two on the tour! He took us around the town pointing out the various styles, the materials used, where the fires ended, the reforms put in place, etc. He was very dramatic in his presentation. We enjoyed ourselves for the hour and a half tour. Most of the information reinforced what we had seen in the displays in the museum.

We then walked back to the hotel to rest until our 7:00 dinner reservation at Le Feu de Braise. This was the nicest restaurant yet. Nice decor and a great menu. I had a skewer of scallops and prawns for my entree and an appetizer of a crab bowl New Oreleans style (I thought I was getting soup), but it was a bowl made of a crepe over a salad. It was very tasty and Jean had some of the salad. Jean had minestrone soup and a chicken dish. We shared an apple tart for dessert.

We returned to the room to watch Jeopardy and read for the rest of the night.

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