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Heading to Cleveland on I71

Overnighting at Mailine Truck and Trailer

Friday night at the Mercer/Gtove City KOA

Winter in the spring in northwestern PA

We spent overnight on Thursday near Cleveland on the parking lot at Mainline Truck and Trailer Service so we could make an early Friday morning appointment for a Road Performance Assessment for Winnie. I found another way to spend some more money on our home on wheels. The outcome of the RPA was a list of things to do to the suspension and steering to improve handling and ride. The question is how much money do I want to spend on a coach with 183,000 miles on it. Some food for thought.

After the RPA, we headed east on I80. We pulled into a KOA just across the Ohio-Pennsylvania border early in the afternoon. We'll probably be here for one night, but it depends on whether the mobile RV repair guy can fix our hot water heater. It stopped working yesterday. The flame won't light. I'm guessing one of the control boards need to be replaced. It's always something.

The weather forecast was for a cold night with rain turning to snow. The weathermen were right. When I got up this morning the water hose was frozen and there was 2-3" of snow on the ground. The snow made for a pretty scene as the sun was rising, but I wish the spring would come so we could enjoy some warmer weather. We should be in NJ by Sunday so maybe it will be warmer near the coast. Stay tuned.

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