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Front side, right. Complete w/ Fred on the table. He decided to...

Right side, rear. Nice storage shed complete w/ tools

Left side, rear. I'm in the fruit trees taking pictures. Spike is...

Just inside the double front door

To the left of the door

The back wall, w/ a double hide a bed

The kitchette but no stove

The bathroom

The shower is to the left of the towel

Washer and gas dryer

The back left wall w/ a water softener, & some large storeage...

We did not get up early today, but we were up before 0800. I made us a nice breakfast since I had the time. No fast track muffins or bowls of cereal this morning. Miss Zoey even got a bit of scrambled egg in her bowl.

It is another hot one today, so we will do our outside stuff early. The casita smells better today, in the pictures you will probably see lots of air fresheners on the table. I am hitting the place with both barrels to freshen it up. Spike says he thinks that the drains are what smells. Like the shower drain, and the drains for the sinks. I think they dry out with no water flowing through them but I'm sure there is a fix for that. We will have to ask the locals.

I took some pictures for you to see the inside, it is approximately 300 square feet. If you install a stove it becomes a house, but if you leave it as is, its just an out building. Cheaper on the taxes. Anyway it needs to be painted in our opinion, so after we paint the concrete patios, then we will start inside. Walls and ceilings first, then the cabinets. I'm not a fan of the chili pepper logos on the cabinets. Plain white with some cool new knobs and pulls will look nice.

The refrigerator is going to go away too. It works, but the ice maker is shot, and it would be expensive to replace. We plan to donate it to Habitat for Humanity, and get a new frig. We have boxes of things we brought down with us, but there is no sense unpacking until the painting is done. Spike brought all his painting supplies from home. Rollers, paint trays, drop cloths, and painters tape. He is an excellent painter, but me, not so much. In fact he doesn't allow me to paint. I don't do it correctly. So I paint paintings, but no walls or ceilings.

Evidentially we plan to put in a Murphy bed where the couch/hide-a-bed is. But they are expensive so maybe next year, for that project.

Before I forget, here is our new winter address, in case you want to send us some "snail mail". It is: 13292 East 54th Drive, Yuma, AZ. 85367

Anyway, time to get everyone's dinner started. I have a cold nose bumping me on the leg, and it isn't Spike!

Hugs to all of you! Thank you for your emails and comments, they have been funny and encouraging.

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