Choo Choo Colorado travel blog

That's all fresh snow

We passed through Nederland, an old mining town

Pretty flowers in Nederland

Still some color left in certain spots but the aspens are basically...


Dignified Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

A cool little shop in Estes

Look at the size of that peanut brittle!


Some of the art of Estes Park

Quite a view of Rocky Mountain National Park

The snow is melting but not fast enough to open the road

We can see for many miles

What a vista!

We found lots of elk - and people getting too close

Elk in their beautiful surroundings

He is a big one!

Looking down at Sheep Lake - Big Horn sheep often cross there

Long's Peak

Have to do something with that snow!

Boulder, CO Although the road we had intended to take today was closed because of snow, Jim found a work-around for our driver and tour guide. The alternate route is actually amazingly beautiful when the aspen are in their glory. Unfortunately we are past the season already. Although it was a longer, snakier route, we made it into Estes Park and then into Rocky Mountain National Park only about an hour behind our original schedule. Because of the road closures, we saw very little of the park but spotted plenty of elk and a scattering of mule deer. Trail Ridge Road in RMNP is the highest continuous paved highway in America. Guess it is not much of a surprise that snow can close it at any time. We were able to drive the highway as far as Rainbow Curve before having to turn back. We arrived in the late afternoon in Boulder, where we have a view of the foothills of the Flatirons of the Rocky Mountains.

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