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Today was all about making sure we can find our way to the port. So did a run this morning in our own cars, only one wrong turn,and that was easily fixed. However the boys felt they needed another run, Ann and I were not needed this time, they went in one car, no mistakes this time, no it wasn't because us girls weren't there.

We will need to be at the port 6.30am, daylight saving time, which is really 5.30am.

The boys have the vans hooked up to the cars etc, only have to unplug the electric cord in the morning and go.

We can't take any fruit or vegetables, so we have been downsizing in that area leading up to tomorrow.

This morning we got in early and washed sheets and towels etc. Even though there was a breeze we had to use the driers at the end to finish the drying. It is cloudy and 17deg with showers occasionally.

Yes, I have ginger, ear plugs, to put in one ear, and tablets from the chemist, with all this hope I don't disgrace myself and get seasick. Ann, David and Noel never have a problem. ( I did sneak in a couple of sick bags )

We should get into Devonport about 7pm. Maybe no diary tomorrow night.

Love Dawn

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