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Another beautiful day, but a cold night. I hopped out of bed and turned the heat on at 6:00, then back in bed as the room warmed up. I got up at 7:30 and Jean at 8:00. We wanted to be at breakfast by 8:30, having learned our lesson yesterday. At 8:30 there were still scambled eggs and sausages left, yeah.

After breakfast we stayed in the room until 10:30 (11:00 checkout). I settled our bill and then we waited in the lobby until our Mahinatur tour transfer appeared to take us to the airport. We were picked up about 11:50 and taken to the airport.

Our guide stayed with us past the first security checkpoint to the ticket line. Then he placed moai necklaces on us before departing. Nice, Christmas presents. There is only one airline, Latam, which services the island. Once we received our boarding passes and checked the luggage, we were on our own. Another "cattle call" area, with hardly any seats, but plenty of souvenir shops. Jean used the last of the Chilean pesos on small items while we were waiting for the gate door to open.

They finally opened the "gate" access about 1:10. We went through another scanning before entering the real waiting area that had seats inside and outside. We sat on a wooden bench outside in the beautiful weather. We then waited until the ladies at the ticket counter came out to process our boarding pass to allow us to walk out to the airplane.

Up the stairs to seats 21K & 21J. We sat and while everyone else was boarding and settling, I started to watch the movie Keeping Up with the Joneses. It was a decent comedy. We finally got into the air while I was watching the movie. Jean watched two movies - The Zookeeper's Wife and The Last Word. Our lunch was either gnocchi or chicken. I had the gnocchi, Jean ate the chickens. Decent meal.

I then listened to music to rest and try to catch some shut eye, but alas no shut eye. I watched a TV episode of Mars. Very interesting, I will try to catch some more episodes later.

We landed ten minutes early. And we did not have to use the stairs/buses to disembark, yeah! We had a regular gate. Then a hike through the termiinal to our baggage claim. It was another long wait for our luggage. It finally appeared and we walked to the exit where we waded through the sea of people with signs and those picking up relatives.

We then walked over to our hotel. We stayd at the Holiday Inn at the airport. A quick checkin (surprisingly no need to hand over a credit card). The young lady helping us told me after checking my passport that we shared a common birthday. Check out is 10:00, but she said we could delay it until noon, which is good since we have a 3:16 aftenoon flight.

While Jean ran down to the bar for ice, I took a shower. Then Jean showered when she returned. It really helps make you feel. better after a long flight. We then took our 2nd Diamox pill for altitude sickness (twice a day). When we land tomorrow, we will be over 12,000 feet. Then we just relaxed, watched TV and hit the sack.

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