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Hostel Obispo

View from the volcano Bishop's Peak

The top of the extinct volcano - Bishop's Peak

View from the volcano Bishop's Peak

Just me again

Part of the trail I hiked to get to the top

San Luis Obispo

Yes, it's a real bird

Who said Lord of The Rings?

Scenic but hot day

Oil pumping station (I think)

Skaters in Santa Barbara

Local artists showing off

Nice but ordinary

A cemetary on the beach? In memory of all the soldiers who...

The USS something... argh.. I forgot! Sorry...

Saw a lot of these..

This is Kate :-) very sweet girl from Australia

Looks kind a cool

Still waking with Kate... when we saw these lights (very Hollywood)

Half a surfboard... Typical beach in Santa Monica

Me on the beach (see the hair - I was in the...

Looks inviting, dosen't it :-)

Here it is, the famous theme park on the Santa Monica pier

The lifeguard tower

Looking up on the ferris wheel

View of the beach to the North

The ferris wheel is solar powered! Cool

Universal City Walk by night

Jessica from London

Elvis Presley

The Beatles

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The start of the WOF


San Luis Obispo was a nice small town, with a feel of a bigger city.

Somehow it retained it's village feel, and that was a good experience. The hostel I stayed in was really nice with a "home" feel to it, just what I needed. As you can see on the photos I hiked a volcano, Bishop's Peak to be exact. There are a volcanic chain all around San Luis Obispo called the Nine Sisters. On one of the photos you can see another one of them very clearly. All of the volcanoes are extinct of course.

When I left I knew it would take a long time before I would have a feeling like that again, and right I was.

Los Angeles where I am now is a city the size of enormous proportions. It's almost impossible to describe, but you can drive for severel hours without exiting the city...

About the pollution... It's true... I did'nt see it at first but the city is covered in a cloud of smog 24/7.

When I had found my hostel on Fairfax and Melrose, I descided to get as mych out of the city as possible while I still had the car. That way I saved LA for the last five days travelling by bus, before going to Fiji.

I went to Santa Barbara, about 88 miles north of LA. A nice city with loads of shops for rich people... not very oriented for independed travellers on a budget..

I was also so lucky to have my sunglasses stolen... cool city.

After this, I have visited Santa Monica a lot, it's only an hour by bus from my Hostel. As you can imagine I've been very busy exploring Southern California.

I must say, though, that I definitely prefer Seattle and Vancouver over California and LA. The further south I get, the more people change.

But on the other hand I have had some amazing experiences lately. For instance yesterday.

I was going to the Universal Studios and asked some guy on the subway platform for directions, and we talked and talked, and then he invited me home for dinner when I had seen the park and he got off work.

How about that!

His name was Daniel, he's from Guam, and he works as a clinical scientist in a hospital nearby. :-)


Now it's the first of September and I'm going to Fiji tonight.

I am crossing the Date Line (never done that before), so when I get there I will be 11 hours early of Denmark (GMT - 11).

I am going to stay at the Nomads Sky Lodge in Nadi on the main Island of Viti Levu for about six nights, and then head for the outer Island group of the Yasawa's. Snorkeling and hiking is the two things I love the most and there should be plenty to explore on these Islands.

I promise to take about 495 pictures. But I have no idea when I can put them on the web.. Fiji is Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean..

Thanks for dropping by!


PS. It might take some time before I update the webpage again since I have no idea if I can do it from Fiji. But I hope to hear from all of you anyway. Please leave me a message, just to say Hi.


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