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Carpes back "home" in Casa Grande

Loop 101 to loop 202 in Chandler
Traveling mid-morning is a joy!

Bougainville is blooming along Phoenix's freeways

Succulents are a-bloom
This is on an Aloe plant

Barrel Cactus (Echinocactus Grusonii) in bloom

Multiple barrel cactii on our lot

Amazing desert sunsets take our breath away

Carpe Diem gets her carpets cleaned

Big Ted moves out to make room for carpet cleaning

Sandi gets "wired" for sleep lab
Don't try to sleep like this...

Our 'fav' taco joint gets a new parking lot

Saguaro flowers

Closeup shows bees feasting on Sugauro nectar

Starting to warm up...

Overcast sunrise silhouette Sugauro

Wed, 05 Apr: ...and back home again!

It seems as though we're wearing a groove in the road between Casa Grande and Greater Phoenix. Just a few weeks ago we were at a rally in Chandler, and now we find ourselves east of Scottsdale in Fort McDowell.

We drove here last Sunday to be close to the Mayo Clinic. Bob had a procedure on Monday that went well, and yesterday Sandi had an appointment that went equally well. We think we're finished with Mayo till fall, but one never knows.

Hence, today was a travel day. We arose when we arose and got things ready for the road. Sandi pulled the coach out of the site and we got Carpe Dinkum connected, tested, and all things ready to roll.

We pulled out of the RV park at half past nine and headed south on AZ 87 to AZ 202, then AZ 101, AZ 202, I 10, AZ 387, AZ 84, and finally our "home park" RoVer's Roost. We pulled in a few minutes after eleven. Today's trek was all of 72 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8⅓ mpg.

We're now settled in for the duration, whatever that may turn out to mean. Realistically, we have a few remaining doc visits/tests here in Casa Grande that'll most probably keep us here till late in April. Meanwhile, there are enough projects on our "to-do" lists to preclude boredom.

Fri, 07 Apr: Well, just when you think you've got things pretty much under control they seem to find the weak spots and ooze out. We thought we were finished with Mayo Clinic visits till Bob got a call late Wednesday advising him of an opening at neurology Thursday at 0900. He'd been trying to get in for some time so he jumped at this unexpected opportunity.

Soooo, we left home at 0530 Thursday A.M. and drove up to Scottsdale. Thankfully the diamond lane was free moving so we were at Mayo by eight. We dined at the cafeteria and were in the exam room a tad before nine. The exam was very thorough and the results positive. We both slept much better that nite.

After Mayo we stopped at Costco so Sandi could have her hearing aids looked at. They've been doing some strange things so the tech went through some diagnostics and did some tweaking. They seem to be back on the straight and narrow.

We were back home by one and discovered that our Barrel Cactii (Echinocactus Grusonii were flowering. This is a wonderful sight to behold as the blooms only last for 24 hours or so. We've got some pix posted FYI.

Tue, 25 Apr A busy month...

It has been several weeks since our last update. We have not been idle, even tho we tried to take things easy as all good retirees should. Somehow, tho, life does get in the way. Some highlights...

•We had Carpe Diem and Carpe Dinkum washed and polished. We have done this ourselves in the past, but decided it wiser to pay and have it done.
•Staying in the cleaning mode we had the carpets and upholstery in the coach and the car's upholstery cleaned.
•Sandi had a few more medical tests, including a most interesting visit to the Sleep Lab. Short story, she flunked!
•Spent a delightful nite at Bill & Mindy Brandt's lovely home. We were treated to some of the most delish BBQ we've had in many moons.
•We met Bobbie & Lee Powell for lunch at the Costco in north Tucson. It is always a treat to visit with themj

That about sums up our month. We plan to stay at RoVer's Roost a few more days and then start our month-long trek to South Dakota.

Thu, 27 Apr: We got the "green lite" from our doc and we have our maps out! We're finally gonna get outta "Dodge" and roll some wheels.

Plans right now are to depart RoVer's Roost Sunday morning and drive to Tucson where we'll spend the nite in the Freightliner Dealer's parking lot. We hope to get the coach in Monday morning so they can troubleshoot our non-functioning dash air conditioning. This is the a/c system that runs when we're on the road, not the big ones that keep us cool when we're plugged in.

So, three days to get ready for the road. Busy times but do stay tuned as we'll be updating this Journal with a bit more regularity.

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