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Our pharmacy

Kitty, Tom, Felix, and our oldest patient Joseph

The school kitchen - lunch for 300

Felix preparing for church

Clinic #2

March 7th

Up to the crow of the rooster and get dressed. To breakfast and we had oatmeal and fruit – the oatmeal had anise, which gave it quite a kick.

I got a cup of coffee and took it to our bathroom to shave – hard to get hot water. Then the whole crew got together to sort out medications and other stuff to take to the clinic down at the church below the guest house. We lugged all the stuff down and then “there is a plan” to placing drugs so we could find them easily. Well, it was a plan…

The patients started showing up about 9:00 and things went smoothly, but we still had to search for things for almost every patient. One older man came in needing to have his catheter changed – he was quite infected as well. Kitty laid him down on the church pew and took care of things.

We had about a dozen patients all together – each getting a pill for parasites and lots of things for high blood pressure and anti-biotics as well as vitamins and pain meds. The steps we were on were quite slippery but no one fell.

We finished up around noon and had lunch and were going to close up the clinic afterwards, but more people showed up so we saw them as well.

Once all the stuff was back to the guesthouse a bunch of folks went off to the beach. Kitty and I borrowed a porch and sat in the breeze and read. A bunch of kids kept calling our names and asking for stuff. They eventually left as we had nothing for them. We both napped out now and again.

We heard singing from the church and went down to see what was up. Most of our translators were singing and playing the Casio pianos and noise makers. Felix, our translator, was doing quite well. We asked about the church service and found it was at 7:00 and we needed to be “dressed” to attend, so we decided against it, but a number of people did attend and said it was quite nice.

Dinner was rice and pees and pepper chicken which was very nice – then bucket showers to cool off for the night. We ran out of bottled water soon after dinner so have to drink beer to stay hydrated.

Many folks went up to the roof and others stayed in the kitchen to play cards and talk.

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