Following Hurricane Matthew - Winter 2017 travel blog


With sad hearts we pulled out of the campground near my sister and headed south. We often tease her that she thinks that we come there to see her, but the real reason we come is for cheap gas. We rarely find a lower price anywhere else in the country. Because we did not go to a truck stop with its high speed pumps, it took us over half an hour to fuel. That was one of the reasons we decided not to go all the way to Titusville. That delay and the fact that it gets dark so early these days now that the time has changed, finds us paused at a mid point in the route to our Florida campsite overlooking another small lake. Along the way we saw a few signs of Hurricane Matthew along the interstate in southern South Carolina. Every so often the thick stands of trees were interrupted by a large tree that had fallen over and was dying. They may have fallen on the road after the storm, but now were dragged to the side. It was not necessary for someone to haul them away, so perhaps they will decompose there as a reminder of this fierce storm.

Once we get to the campsite we own tomorrow, it will take some time to reactivate internet services and we want to be ready to know everything there is to know about the election results - I guess... Only a few more hours of driving to go.

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