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View from our home

Lake Garda, an unspoilt piece

Another area on the east coast relatively unspoilt, as the road is...

Near the same spot, lots of water birds love it here

Lunch with a view over the central lake towards the north

Tuesday 20th Sept.

Left the lovely campsite at Venice mid morning, heading for Lake Garda. Traffic very heavy on the toll road, which was in a dreadful state, thankfully the charge was very low too. When we got to the area at the South of the Lake, the traffic and multitude of people was worse than Skeggy on a Bank Holiday. By then we were both tired so drove on until we saw Lidl, where we parked,I got lunch while Roy shopped. Refreshed we drove on about a mile, to camp Tiglio, which Roy had chosen. Another good choice. Right by the water, relaxed atmosphere, great amenities, fabulous swimming pool, great food and most importantly quiet! We intended driving round the whole lake next day but during the night a thunder storm complete with giant hailstones kept us, well me, awake for over 2 hours. Like all the thunder I've ever heard put together, the noise was incredible. It was still dark and drizzly when we got up so we had a day of repairs/chores again.

Thursday dawned brighter so we went on our jaunt in the smartie, taking the west coast to go clockwise. Traffic heavy, all towns busy with tourists, so we hoped by driving thru those we'd see some lovely scenery, which we did, but the west side has lots of vey long tunnels. After being here 40 years ago I couldn't remember so many tunnels, but we drove the east side then....It must have been the east that I'd visited not the west, yes Malcesine.

Riva de Garda is the main town on the north of the Lake, traffic jams & far too many people. So we kept on driving. We stopped at Malcesine, where mum, dad, Jenny as a baby, and I had stayed in the seventies. Again, it had altered so much I didn't recognize any of it, apart from a beautiful tower we had looked down on from our guest house. Then the centre of the ancient pretty village, it was crammed with newer buildings and now a holiday resort. Disappointed at the modern Garda, we settled for a very late lunch at a shack on the shores outside the town where they taught watersports. Microwaved lasagne would do. Suited our mood! Dogs allowed so that was ok. View was lovely, and we did see more from the east coast, undoubtedly beautiful, but for me spoilt. We agreed that crowded places definitely don't suit us, we aren't going to bother with Lake Como this year, and when we do we'll explore the unclassified roads thru the mountains.

Went to the site restaurant for our evening meal which was really good and cheap. Can recommend this site to anyone, love it.


Moving on towards Monaco today. But it's too far to get all the way, so we'll stop near the Italian/French border.

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