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It's a good thing we have visited Copenhagen not too long ago and seen most of the sights of interest. And we will be here again in eight days. Between the jet lag and long Iceland touring days, we needed a break. Our microscopic hotel room had excellent wifi, so after negotiating with each other every time one of us wanted to move around, we caught up on email and news of the world. There were many restaurants within walking distance, but Denmark is expensive and we ended up eating Chinese. It seems like you should eat the food of the place, but even at an inexpensive spot, we ended up spending $60. Both here and in Iceland we have not needed any cash. Even taxis have credit card readers and little printers for people like us from medieval countries who have to sign when we use a card rather than using a pin # like everyone else in the world does.

A quick cab ride brought us to the cruise port where three ships lay waiting for a new batch of passengers. Checking in went quickly and we were onboard before the cabin was ready for us. The ship is full of Europeans; August is the month of vacation for them. Many are young families with small children. Most are from warm countries like Spain and Italy, looking to escape the heat. When the PA announcements came on for life boat evacuation practice, we were surprised to hear a language we did not recognize - Hebrew. A huge tour group from Israel is escaping the heat as well.

Because we have enjoyed RCL cruises a number of times, we are Diamond status, which entitles us to a special lounge and three free drinks every evening. We met a nice couple there who traded travel stories with us and will also stay onboard until the ship reaches Boston. We should run into them again in the lah-di-dah lounge. At dinner we sat with an Aussie couple who was also great fun and had been on the previous Baltic cruise. We traded impressions of each other's countries and laughed a lot .

Tomorrow is a day at sea and then the batteries should be fully charged for touring once again.

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