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El Questro Gorge

Helicopter Ride

Windjana Gorge

black headed python

Mertens Water Monitor

freshwater crocs Windjana Gorge

Cathedral Gorge, Bungle Bungles

Today we have crossed the border of Western Australia and spent the night in Bungle Bungled which was 4WD only. At the visitors center I got a book about Western Australia's snakes. Our campsite had no showers and a toilet that smelt𯘝. Today we did two walks the first one was mini palms and the second one was Echidna. The mini palms had palm trees on top of the rocks and the Echidna had a massive chasm that kept on going. That night crows kept yelling around the place Today we are going to get a helicopter ride and on the way we saw a black headed python.

Before we got a helicopter ride we did a walk that is called cathedral gorge inside the gorge there was a mini water hole and a giant over haging rock and one guy had a didgeridoo and this what it looks like. Now we can get our helicopter flight and this is our helicopter. When we first got up in the air I thought I was going to fall out. The first gorge was snake gorge.

We were going 150 kph after that we went back and had big rest. Today we are leaving Bungle Bungles and coming into El Question . We are staying here for 4 nights. In El Question there is a junior rangers games that kids come to reception and played games. So my sister and I signed up for it. One thing that we did was looking for animals and we saw a wallaby and a cane toad.

Today we did a walk that is called El Questro gorge walk and it was shaded the whole way.  We saw three snake and one off them was eating a bat. The hardest bit of the walk was getting up a massive boulder,  which  dad had to lift me up.  On the walk we had to climb over rocks and it took us five hours to finish. After climbing the rocks we swam under a water falls. 

We went four wheel driving  up some steep hills  to some lookouts over the gorges and valleys. Today we are leaving El Questro and coming into Gibb River Road. Our first night we stopped at Ellenbrae Homestead and had yummy scones and jam. 

We have also stopped at Manning Gorge and there is waterwhole that has little fish everywhere.There was a boat to help you with get across to the other side of the waterhole so we could walk to Manning Gorge. It took 45 min to walk to the gorge and it had a waterfall and we climbed on top of the waterfall and we  saw a water monitor. Today we are going for a short walk to Galvin 's Gorge that had Aboriginal art work and we did a other walk that was called adock gorge and we saw a water monitor sitting on the rock.

On the way to the gorge there was lots of rock climbing that I like. At the gorge there was a mini water fall but we didn't swim because it was freezing cold. Today we are heading into silent grove. We camped in a shaded place and shared a fire with other people. For dinner we had burgers and had marshmallows. Today we are going to windjana and we are going to see freshwater crocodiles and we are going inside a cave at Tunnel Creek and see bats.Today. On the way in we saw lots of bats and it was really dark at the end we saw a water monitor that was pregnant.

And we saw it eating a frog  and insects. The next gorge is Windjana Gorge where you see thousands of fresh water crocodiles. Before we left we saw a black and white butterfly then we saw someone got bitten by a fresh water crocodile.

Hi to everyone at home. I love hearing from you. Thank you to those who have messaged me.

Love Jack

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