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After a final french toast and sausages breakfast together cooked by our wagon master on his grill, we all said good-by one more time and the parking lot that was the campground began to empty. Two couples decided to stay on in St. John one more day, a good choice we had not even considered. Many more are gathering at the Pumpkin Patch where this epic journey began. The PP was a nice campground, but nowhere near anything interesting to do, so we opted for a location closer to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. The Canadian portion of today's drive was wonderful - on four lane expressway. Once we got to the American side the road was as poor as any we saw in Newfoundland. Getting through the border took about half an hour. Only one lane at immigration was for RV's. Even though we did not all leave together, we recognized many of the rigs in line as we waited and waited. The customs agent boarded every rig and investigated our refrigerators. Both we and the rig in front of us lost our fresh tomatoes. Then the agent walked around to note our car license, returned the passports and we were on our way.

We drove through an area that might have been a turf farm at home. There were many sprinkler heads, but the grass didn't look like grass. It finally dawned on us that these were the Maine version of blueberry bushes. When we go picking in Michigan we can stand upright, but these berries were about six inches off the ground. Then we saw the Mexican pickers (who will do this job when President Trump sends them all back?) swinging large scoops back and forth gathering them in. We didn't pass a farm stand large enough for all 62 feet of us to park in, but they are something we've got to sample before we move on

It took about 45 minutes of driving before we got to an area where my phone found an American carrier. It's nice to have all the services we are used to once again. A box of mail forwarded from home to the campground was a reminder that we do still have a home. After all the driving we've done, some of it quite challenging, we feel inclined to hang around here for a few days and recharge our batteries. Coastal Maine is spectacularly beautiful. We drove the Schoodic Peninsula which includes a portion of Acadia National Park and stopped in Corea for grilled cheese sandwiches filled with lobster. After weeks of seafood feasting, it's great to see that the lobster season is going great guns here and the prices are even cheaper than they were in Canada.

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