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A few days ago the captain came on the PA to let us know that we would not be stopping in Puerto Vallarta as planned. Both the American and Canadian embassies recommend that tourists avoid the area after a recent outbreak in drug cartel related violence. For the most part the coastal tourist cities of Mexico have not been caught up in this, but twenty policemen in PV were murdered, an army helicopter blown up and banks and other buildings were burned. We googled a bit and can certainly understand why this decision was made. Our hearts continue to go out to the wonderful Mexican people who have to live with this mayhem on a daily basis. It is easy to blame them for not getting the cartels under control, but we Yankees are equally culpable. If we would get our demand for illegal drugs under control, the cartels would be out of business - or be looking for some other way to be making those huge profits. We have created a monster. There was a day when we could not imagine the removal of the Berlin Wall. Right now it is hard to imagine a Mexico without all this violence.

So we will sail on by, inconveniencing the entertainers on board who were planning to get off and fly to their next gig. They will probably be asked to do an extra show since the new entertainers are cooling their heels in Puerto Vallarta somewhere.

We have such fond memories of the wonderful Mexican people who hospitality we have enjoyed over the years. Hope we will feel comfortable to return again some day soon without worrying about our safety. We've missed ports before due to unfavorable weather conditions, but never missed a port due to violence.

Sad, sad, sad.

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