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Carpes back "home" at RoVer's Roost

Telegraph Pass on I 8 east of Yuma

Telegraph Pass on I 8 east of Yuma

Telegraph Pass on I 8 east of Yuma

Telegraph Pass on I 8 east of Yuma

Telegraph Pass on I 8 east of Yuma

Telegraph Pass on I 8 east of Yuma

Descending to the desert floor east of Telegraph Pass

A spectacular desert sunset

Sun, 22 Feb: Happy George Washington Birthday...

A road day, from Yuma to Casa Grande. Once we connected the car and left the Yuma County Fairgrounds we entered I 8 east and our GPS told us to get off in 164 miles at the RoVer's Roost exit. In short, today's navigation is a no brainer.

We didn't have to get up at any particular time, nor did we have to be anywhere at any given time. Our only constraints were having to vacate the fairgrounds by noon and get to The Roost before five so we could get our propane tank topped off.

Nevertheless, we are well practiced in getting things ready for the road so even with no time pressures we still rolled wheels a few minutes after nine. Traffic on I 8 thru Yuma was a pleasure on this Sunday morning and very soon Bob had us climbing into the hills east of town.

The permanent INS inspection station was open, but we rolled right thru with nary a hitch. Then into Telegraph Pass, a hilly and windy stretch of road with some sharp truck-tipping curves. Bob and our engine brake kept our speed well under control and we were quickly descending to the desert east of town.

We switched drivers at a convenient rest stop roughly midway. The "run" along I 8 was uneventful with very little traffic. The only incident of note was a huge "alligator" (chunk of truck tire tread) completely blocking the right lane. A truck was passing us at the time so Sandi slowed down and eased onto the shoulder to safely pass it.

At half past eleven Sandi exited the Interstate and we pulled into Holt Shell in Gila Bend for fuel and food. We had not filled Carpe since Quartzsite so she was a tad thirsty—seventy-one gallons thirsty. While diesel was well north of $2.75/gallon, it was still more than a dollar/gallon less than in the "Golden State".

A quick "nuked" lunch from the freezer and back on I 8 by half past noon. Forty-five miles later we exited the Interstate and arrived at RoVer's Roost. We pulled to the propane filling station where we topped off Carpe's internal tank. We then parked in our leased lot and by two we were "at home".

Today's run was 168 miles with a 8½ mpg overall average. Carpe ran beautifully and we were pleased that we had finally identified and corrected the cause of a very annoying wind-related rattle. It isn't 100% silenced (from rattle to squeak) quite yet, but we're on the right track.

We'll be here for slightly less than two weeks when we head to Tucson for the Escapee's annual rally. Meanwhile we have some doctor stuff and plan to meet the Davilas at the Good Sam rally in Phoenix (we'll drive Dinkum and only spend a day).

Mon, 02 Mar: A busy week...

We've been in "The Roost" for a week now and it is time to update this post. We started the week Tuesday with Sandi visiting the radiology outfit for a routine scan. Since we were at "that end" of town it was an opportunity for lunch (In-N-Out Burger), fuel (more than $2/gallon again, but far, far less than in California), and victualing at Sam's Club.

On Thursday we drove to Avondale where we attended the Good Sam Rally being held at the Phoenix International Raceway. Instead of taking Interstate 10 thru Phoenix and then south to the raceway, we drove local roads thru Maricopa and then south along the foothills. We saved some twenty miles and the pace was much slower, especially the stretch thru the indian reserve with its 35 mph posted-and-strictly-enforced-by-the-tribal-police limit.

While at the raceway we met up with Carmen & Domingo Davila, Danny & Pat Rosas, and Ken & Joan Tarkin. Our day pass allowed us to attend the exhibitor's tent as well as browse thru the 2015 motorhomes on display. We didn't see anything in the tent that was worth opening our wallets, nor did we see any 2015 motorhomes that remotely appealed to us. In fact, the more we see the new models the more we're happy we have Carpe Diem!

The rest of the week was pretty low key. On Sunday we did some WalMart & Sam's Club shopping. Going early on a Sunday is a pretty good idea as the stores are generally not too crowded. Also on Sunday we bade farewell to Bob & Caren Collins who had been staying at RoVer's Roost for a few weeks. We first met the Collins in 2011 in Gillette Wyoming at an Escapees rally. It was great to visit with them again.

And speaking of Escapees ralllys... We'll be heading to Tucson this Friday (06 March) to spend the week at the 2015 Escapees rally. We're looking forward to the good times that always seem to be a part of those gatherings.

The weather has been deteriorating all weekend and today it is quite cloudy and the rain has just started. A major storm is heading this way from the Gulf of California and the Pacific. We'll miss the majority of it if the forecast is to be believed, but it'll be wet for the rest of the day, and then cool for most of the week.

Tomorrow we'll arise early and drive to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale so Bob can have them carve at his face. The skin docs found a "thing" on his cheek that they don't like so they'll carve, biopsy, carve, biopsy, etc. until they're happy that they got it all. Bob is not looking forward to this, especially knowing they'll be shaving off some of his beard.

That abouts brings us current. Stay tuned for updates as appropriate...

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