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Happy hour at Duaringa

Anyone for a cuppa

Jericho - Steph & Gary say farewell

Jericho - Pete at the river

Jericho - statue in park

Jericho - Crystal Trumpeters

Jericho - miniature clay drive in

Jericho - 36 car drive in theatre

Pete cooking a meal

Barcaldine - Tree of Knowledge (from inside)

Barcaldine - Tree of Knowledge (from outside)

Longreach - Cockatoo show

Longreach Hall of Fame

Longreach - Show at Stockman's Hall of Fame

We decided to travel inland at Rockhampton and explore places we haven't seen before. We stayed at Duaringa, Emerald and onto Jericho where we met up with friends from Port Macquarie - Steph, Gary and their beautiful daughters Zoe & Kiera. We spent the night camping near them, chatting around a camp fire, exchanging stories of all our travels. It was a short and sweet catch up as they left the next day on the final stages of their trip, homeward bound.

We on the other hand have just started and decided to stay one more night and explore. The town has the smallest drive in theatre in the southern hemisphere holding only 36 cars and about 40 seats, it still operates a limited program.

Jericho has the Crystal Trumpeters - a striking sculpture constructed in memory of the biblical Jericho, which was said to be destroyed by trumpeters marching around the city walls. On display in the information centre is a miniatures village with all the buildings of the town made out of clay, it was very interesting.

We are finding a lot of dead animals on the road, heaps of kangaroos and it does make me sad. One was sitting right on the roads edge and when we got near it jumps towards us, we hit it but I saw it jumping away from the ute into the bush at a great speed. When we next stopped at Barcaldine I noticed some fur on the wheel guard so the roo may have just bumped off the wheel and not been hurt, anyway thats what I hope.

Barcoline has the 'Tree of Knowledge', it looks strange from a distance encased in this massive wooden structure but very impressive on the inside looking up. Theres a lot of history in this town and apparently the Labour Party started in Barcaldine. Pete noticed there were lots of pubs, four out of five still operating.

On we pressed arriving at Longreach where we stayed for two nights. We watched a bird show at the caravan park. It was a bit of fun with the cockatoos doing some tricks followed by the 80 year old man reciting some Aussie bush poetry which was really good.

We visited the Stockman's Hall of Fame for the second time, and went to an Outback Show with a stockman who put on a very entertaining show with his horses, dogs, huge bull and himself singing. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. We ducked over the road to the Qantas Museum but looked through the fence at the planes as we had visited the museum on our 2010 trip. Back at the caravan park we completed our stay at Longreach by being entertained by the country & western singer Graham Rodgers. It was a great night.

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