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At Tulum

The Grounds


Another rainbow

The beach

The crowd arrives as we leave

Up at 6:00 and shower, straighten stuff out and pack up my stuff. To the lobby at 7:00 and Anna and Adrianne were there. Anna on the phone trying to contact our lost couple – who were somewhere in Playa… But by 7:30 they had not shown up so we left for Tulum. (We had still not heard from them as of 8:00 PM today). We also were given a box breakfast – egg and ham with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise plus an apply, banana, and some odd apple juice thing. I ate it. Still not sure why.

Tulum – a late classic Maya site – was amazing – mostly because there were no people there! We got to look at the ruins, the carvings, the buildings without mobs of folks. Last time I was there it was packed. They have also closed off most of the sites so you cannot climb them any more – too much traffic was ruining the ruins. Odd that. In any event a most memorable tour – plus it’s iguana mating season so the males were all huffing and bouncing up and down.

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