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My sister went back to work and we packed up and headed north toward Hershey, Pennsylvania where we plan to attend the biggest RV show in the country. It was a bit too far to go in one day, so we looked for an interesting place to stop along the way. The route took us through western Virginia paralleling the Blue Ridge Parkway with rolling hills and lots of green. The parkway starts in North Carolina and follows the ridge line almost the entire western edge of Virginia. We've driven pieces of it by car, but RV's are not allowed.

There were plenty of campgrounds in the area to choose from, but they are rather pricey. Most of the tourist stops were as well. We could have paid $25 to see a rock arch. It looked nice in the pictures, but we can see many more in Arches National Park in Utah for free. There are lots of places commemorating Civil War battles and places were Robert E. Lee et. al. hung out back in the day. Stonewall Jackson's home holds little interest for me. But we already know as much as we need to know about the Civil War - from the Yankee point of view, of course.This area is also laced with caves. And except for some special places like Kartchner Caverns in Arizona, one cave looks a lot like another. Guess we're hard to impress.

We stopped in Lexington where Washington & Lee University and Virginia Military Institute are located. Lots of fit and smart looking young people were jogging around, and the town was nicely preserved, but everything closed at 5pm. It's really not a tourist spot.

So we headed back to our moderately priced hillside campground overlooking a truck stop and called it a day.

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